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Employee Support 


I am an associate counsellor for Nuffield Healthcare & Bupa EAP Employee Assistance Programmes. 21 years experience. I address both workplace and personal issues - Absence from work, bullying, stress, anxiety, depression, anger management, bereavement and relationship counselling. I offer a range of individually tailored Counselling and Life Coaching sessions to suit the needs of your employees.


In the UK last year, 10.4 million work days were lost to sick days, costing businesses over £8 billion. Research has shown that organisations who have commissioned employee counselling services have reaped the benefits of higher motivation and morale, reduced absence, improved productivity and a reduced likelihood of the incidence of future claims for negligence. 


A workplace-focused programme can assist in the identifying and resolving employee concerns, which may affect performance. This approach provides short-term, solution-focused counselling to assist employees in identifying the problem and developing a practical plan of action for resolving it, and is used effectively to treat a wide range of occupational and domestic stress related issues. Every client receives the highest professional service that is ethical, confidential and safe. 



Employee concerns typically include:

  • Personal matters - health, relationships, family, financial, emotional, stress, anxiety, addictions, birth, bereavement

  • Work matters – work load stress, working relationships, harassment and bullying, disciplinary & grievance procedures, work/life balance 



A telephone call can often be an important first step for many employees seeking advice and support. This support gives individuals the opportunity to discuss and explore their problems in complete confidence with an experienced, empathetic, professional. If on-going support is required, face-to-face sessions are available at my consultation room in Leeds city centre LS1 Mondays between 10am & 8pm, or on-line counselling can be conducted from the comfort of your own home Tuesday - Thursday 10.30am - 7.30pm. There is no travel time and no travelling costs which makes it easier to fit in with busy work or domestic schedules. I can also offer on-site sessions for your convenience. Research studies have indicated that there is no difference in effectiveness when online therapy is compared to face to face therapy in reducing symptoms.

Having access to a counselling service can have a dramatic impact on positive work effectiveness and can contribute to ‘significant improvements in most attitude-to-work factors such as skill use, job demand, clarity, feeling valued, interpersonal contact, competence, and job satisfaction.’ (Firth-Cozens & Hardy, 1992)

Employers have a legal ‘duty of care’ to demonstrate concern for employees physical and mental health. It is a key factor to:

  • Improve staff retention

  • Reduced litigation and absenteeism

  • Boost productivity

I would like to offer my professional Psychotherapy services to management & employees. I am an associate Counsellor with BUPA Health & Wellbeing & have supported many clients in Leeds including professor, senior lecturers in Universities, lawyers, accountants, solicitors, G.P/Consultants, MD's. I have the advantage of a Managerial/Sales background which enables me to relate well to all employees.

Please contact me to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. 6 sessions recommended £360 - a small price to pay to prevent absenteeism and to invest in good mental health. 

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