Mens health week 10-16th June 2019 - Key numbers

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How many goals has Harry Kane scored this season? How many Grand Prix has Lewis Hamilton won? How fast is the new iphone?*

Men are supposedly obsessed with numbers but when it comes to our own health, there are quite a few we don’t know. Men’s Health Week 2019 takes up that challenge.

The Men’s Health Forum are raising awareness of:

  • 7 numbers that all men need to know and

  • 5 statistics that policy-makers and service-providers need to know if they're to reach men effectively.

Key numbers for men:

  • 37 - a waist size of 37 inches or above puts you at increased of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Learn more.

  • 150 - men should aim for 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week. Learn more.

  • 5 - we should aim to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Learn more.

  • 14 - maximum 14 units of alcohol a week. Learn more.

  • 10 - cigarette smokers die 10 years younger on average than non-smokers. Learn more.

  • 120/80 - normal blood pressure. Learn more.

  • 75 - 75% of suicides (3 out of 4) are by men.

Key numbers for policy-makers and service providers:

  • 1 man in 5 dies before the age of 65

  • 2 men in 5 die before the age of 75

  • 3 out of 4 suicides are by men

  • Men in unskilled work are 3 times more likely to take their own lives than men in senior management

  • The richest men live on average 10 years longer than the least well-off men. Richer area = longer life.

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