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Counselling in Redcar TS10

The gym is for a healthy body - therapy is for a healthy mind.

Welcome to Footsteps Counselling. I am an accredited Psychotherapist with over 20 years client experience and over 60 years life experience, passionate about helping my clients overcome stress, anxiety, low mood, addictions, dealing with loss, relationship problems and many other issues. I offer a safe, confidential space to support you through a difficult time in your life. I will be here for you as long as you need me, from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer. I have many clients who continue to work with me for years after a crisis to maintain a positive mindset using coaching and mentoring tools for life. 


Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Low mood? Not good enough? Counselling aims to address the cause of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms. I use a Cognitive Behavioural approach - the way we think profoundly influences the way we feel. Therefore, learning to think differently can enable us to think and act differently. I will work with you to tackle self-defeating thinking and replace it with a problem solving outlook. I offer integrative therapy tailored to your unique needs.

Reflect - In the first session I would like to get to know you and identify the symptoms you are experiencing, the emotions and the events that trigger them and the root cause by exploring your core beliefs.

Recover - This is not a quick fix approach. To achieve personal change requires lifestyle changes and sustained effort and commitment from you. We will work together to meet your goals of therapy and an action plan for maintenance of your improved mood.

Refocus - One of the biggest benefits of CBT is that after your course has finished, you can continue to apply the principles learned to your daily life. This should make it less likely that your symptoms will return.


I can appreciate how difficult it can be to engage in counselling for the first time or with a new counsellor. I recommend that we arrange an initial session to identify and explore the issues and concerns you may be experiencing, and your hopes for how counselling may help you. The initial meeting is very relaxed and just for you to have space to explore your thoughts. There is no obligation to continue further sessions at that point. You may decide you feel comfortable and would like to return at another time in the future or it may be a one off session, your choice. I know from experience that when you reach out for help, it is a strength, not a weakness. I am here to help you work through any challenges you may be facing.  


NHS waiting lists 10 months - Face to face sessions available for you now in Redcar TS10

Relaxing therapy room with panoramic sea views.

Free on-street parking. 10 mins walk from train.

Call today to book an assessment -


£70 for 60 minutes.

Pre-book 5 sessions get1 FREE = 6 for £350

Cindy - Therapy dog
Research suggests using therapy dogs in response to traumatic events can help reduce

symptoms of depression, post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety.
The human-animal bond can impact people and animals in positive ways.

Research shows therapy dogs can reduce stress physiologically (cortisol levels) and

increase attachment responses that trigger oxytocin – a hormone that increases trust in humans.


"Many thanks Anne, with your help and direction this has been my best year.

You really have made such a difference in my life."

Thank you so much for everything. From being so low, you've made me happier than I've ever been about myself and more optimistic about the future"

"Thank you for your patience and advice over the past year. I came to you for help and understanding and you gave me just that. Now I have been able to involve others close to me and this has helped me share my problems instead of bottling things up. I am a better person for knowing you. Thanks a million"

"I just want to say an enormous thank you for the way you have helped me over the past weeks. You have listened to me and guided me to solutions that will I will always be able to draw on in the future. I have found our sessions professional and always calm. I have always came away from our time feeling better than before I went in, and your ability to see things objectively has always helped me move forward. I have encountered a great shift in my life and your support has given me the strength I need to start again".

"Anne, thanks for all your help and support over the last few months. It's been invaluable and also been a privilege to meet you. I will take your advice and your help forward with me into the future to benefit both myself and my family too. Much appreciated!"

"Anne is patient, serene and an excellent listener. She has helped me enormously to reach a place of peace and increased self esteem. I would recommend Anne to anyone who needed some help and direction in their life. I will always be grateful for everything Anne has done for me. Anne's guidance has truly helped me to change my perspective and subsequently my wellbeing. Thank you so much for helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life and getting me back on track. I am forever grateful.”

"I'm so glad I sought your help. because thanks to you I am in a good place. You offered me a safe place within which I felt comfortable to share everything I had never shared with anyone before. You will be glad to hear I haven't had a panic attack for over a year! Any time my anxiety creeps back in, I have the tools to stop it progressing. I still can't believe I am panic attack free because I never thought that would be possible. I am overall much calmer, relaxed and happier. I really can't thank you enough, your work is invaluable." 

Mental Health Support Redcar TS10
Counselling in Redcar
Counselling in Redcar
Counselling in Redcar
Counselling in Redcar
Counselling in Redcar
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